Vendor Spotlight: Sweet N Salty by Design

Who made these Gourmet Chocolate Covered pretzels?‚ was what the founder of Sweet N Salty by Design, Bianca Naclerio, heard every time she brought her delicious creations to various functions or to her office.

From an early age, Bianca was surrounded by very creative women. Her mother and grandmother were always making the holiday season festive with artfully designed plates of food. The idea that food should be eaten with the eyes first was an important lesson in the founder’s life.

When she was old enough, Bianca started combining this lesson with her love of the unmistakable team of sweet and salty. When most people are bringing fruitcake or potato salad to a party, our founder delivered wistfully created chocolate covered pretzels. As the years went on and more people looked forward to her arrival every year, more and more of these sweet and salty converts asked how they could feed their passion all throughout the year.

Fast forward to Christmas, Bianca received a gift that planted the seed for her new endeavor. The gift giver bought her the website, knowing that this gift would kick start a process that had begun many years prior. The drive and passion that makes Bianca the woman she is would handle the rest. Five days later, Sweet N Salty by Design was an official LLC. However, not everything would happen this quickly. Over the next year, unemployment and other disappointments would stall the journey from idea to reality. The breakthrough came when Bianca offered to provide the wedding favors for a family members wedding. She needed to quickly get the production line up and running and the event became a stunning success in the favors themselves and making Sweet N Salty by Design a living company. This overwhelming desire to succeed has seen Bianca destroy all barriers in her way, in order to bring her love of chocolate and her artist’s eye to you, the chocoholic.


The pretzels are hand decorated with a wide array of candy, nuts, sprinkles, and colorful drizzle. You will be dazzled by the beauty and sophistication of the sparkling sugars, edible pearls, and seasonal shapes. As we like to say around here, Every bite is a piece of perfection. Now Bianca’s vision and her drive to bring chocolate to everyone is fulfilled in Sweet N Salty by Design.


Be the talk of any party by allowing Sweet N Salty by Design to help personalize and customize your celebration, special day, or a long time dream. These favors are perfect, no matter what type of event you are hosting: engagement, bridal shower, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, christening, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, communion, sweet sixteen, holiday or any other special gathering.

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