Make a Memorable Couple’s Gift

Looking for a unique wedding gift for your fiancé?  How about making him a piece of Memory Ware?  Memory Ware is created by gluing or cementing small pieces of every day objects onto a jewelry box, around a mirror or picture frame, on a cookie jar or even a flower pot.

Some items you can adhere to create a “couples” piece of Memory Ware might include:

- Shells from your first beach trip together

- Pieces of costume jewelry you maybe wore on a first date/special occasion

- Corks from a shared bottle of wine

- A key from your first place together

- Buttons from your favorite band or museum trip

Any small trinkets that have a sentimental value to you both. You can even use broken pieces of tableware, tile or pottery to construct hearts, flowers, a sun, your last name initial, or any object you like. There’s really no limit as to what you can include on your piece of Memory Ware.  Just be creative! If you’re short on time before the wedding and you can’t get this made as a gift, you can just work on it whenever you have free time.  It’d make a perfect addition to your new home as well. Be inspired by this creative Memory Ware Pinterest Board I stumbled upon featuring creative pieces.

Do you have any other ideas for Memory Ware materials?