Tote Bags: A great gift for your girls!

shop-tote-bags The Wedding Outlet offers totes in a variety of sizes, colors and styles picking one for your girls is easy. Personalize these totes with an initial, name or monogram for a special touch. Consider filling the tote bags with extra little goodie to create a one of kind gift bag for your girls. Some gifts to consider are personalized jewelry, a picture frame with a photo of the two of you, a customized flask, lip gloss or other makeup kit, nail polish, a robe or pashmina. Have fun and be creative! Get started and pick out your tote bags >

Program Fans: Be Cool, Be Informed


If your having a summer wedding, program fans are a must have accessory for your ceremony. Wedding Programs Fans are a unique way to keep your guests informed of who and what will take place during your wedding ceremony all the while keeping them cool. Program Fans are offered with a variety of color choices, designs styles and unique shapes and sizes allowing you to find a wedding fan that compliments your wedding theme and ceremony style. When the ceremony is over, the guests can still use these beautiful fans to keep themselves cool throughout the reception too. Guest will enjoy fanning themselves and the fans may even be a fun prop for photos of your guests.

Dress the Part of a Bride


One of the fun things about being a bride is all the accessories you get to choose from to wear on your wedding day! Winter brides can accessorizing with satin bridal gloves or faux fur shawl, while summer brides may wear a rhinestone hair piece to sparkle in the sun. Whatever season you planning your wedding, The Wedding Outlet offers beautiful pieces for any bride.


A bridal purse is a must for any bride, it stores all your wedding essentials like tissues for those happy tears, lip gloss or lipstick for those touch ups and much more.


Add some sparkle and flair to an unexpected place, you hair! If your a bride opting to not wear a veil or want something pretty after you wear your veil, consider a bridal hair clip or barrette. They are easy to attach to any hair style and will complete your look.

Brides Goes Hollywood

The February/March issue of Brides Magazine is usually one of the biggest and most anticipated issues of the year and this year is no exception.  Brides Magazine recently announced that they will feature celebrity covers and Hollywood bridal moments.


The February/March cover will feature supermodel and personality Coco Rocha donning a never-before-seen Truly by Zac Posen bridal gown. Zac and Coco will appear together in a fashion feature inside with an accompanying interview.  An added bonus this issue – the debut of Drew Barrymore as a guest beauty columnist.  Readers can write Drew with beauty questions at

Since celebs are often stylish trendsetters, I think that adding them is a perfect complement to the magazine’s dedication to everything stylish for weddings.  I love the idea of featuring more celebrities in the magazine.  How about you?

Any Occasion Brunch

I love brunch!  I often host a family brunch for my children’s birthdays instead of a more traditional birthday dinner and I treated my bridesmaids and the moms to brunch before my wedding.  I think brunch showers and day after the wedding brunches are great too.  So if you’re considering hosting any type of brunch in conjunction with your wedding, here are a few of my favorite tips/ideas for a quick and easy brunch everyone will love including you!

I always prefer to have a combination of hot and cold foods.  You don’t have to go crazy with a ton of entrees and apps, just one or two hot and cold dishes.  I like to do a ham which you can heat and leave on the table and a warm frittata then maybe bagels or muffins with cream cheese and jelly and a fruit salad.

Have a signature drink which can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic.  I usually do some sort of drink with a champagne base like a mimosa with orange juice or a poinsettia with cranberry juice.  Leave out the champagne, and you have your non-alcoholic drink.

I always like to have fresh flowers at brunch too.  You can do small arrangements in mason jars or small milk/juice pitchers.  Plain glass vases work perfectly fine too.

If you can’t host an after wedding brunch for guests, how about sending them home with a boxed brunch?  I’m sure they’d love that too!

Wedding Accessories that will bring Romance to your Day!

Your wedding day is a day you’ve dreamed about ever since you were a little girl. Once you’re engaged it can be so easy to be overwhelmed by different wedding day themes. But every Bride wants romance at her wedding so we featuring the most gorgeous wedding accessories you can have that not only add romance to your wedding day but are keepsakes to have long after your big day!


These Acrylic Crystal Decorative Drops add both romance and glamour to your wedding. Lay them on your guests tables and watch candle light dance off them. They would look both unexpected and lovely among the flowers in your wedding day bouquet. For more inspiration and similar crystals wedding day decorations visit this Pinterest Board.


Romance abounds with this lovely wedding banner which is a wonderful wedding accessory. You can have your and your Groom’s name printed on it to add a personalized touch and it’s a wonderful way to incorporate one of your wedding colors!


We can’t think of anything more romantic than when pearls adorn wedding accessories. We love how many uses you can get from these wedding accessories. Perhaps you’ll use it for table numbers or have them at your bar to frame your custom Bride and Groom drinks. The Pearl & Vintage Gold Wire Fantasy Tree would be a lovely addition to a dessert bar or welcome table.


If you’re a gal that wants to go green, these Natural Rose Petals are perfectly preserved. Let them bring romance to your guests table by sprinkling them about. They would also be perfect to use instead of confetti as you exist your ceremony. This “green” Bride used similar natural rose petals on her wedding day!


The rouching on this bridal clutch is both sophisticated and lovely. The design is thoroughly modern and feels as if it might be featured on the Hollywood Red Carpet. Use it again and again and remember the most romantic day of your life!


In the romantic days of yore, your love might have slipped you a letter with a wax seal, meaning it was for you to open, only! This lovely wax seal will give your invitations (and thank you notes!) a classic and polished look.


With this wedding accessory, the only thing more romantic than having this unity candle lit as part of your ceremony, is having it on display in your home and lit for romantic meals with your new husband!

Build Wedding Welcome Bags with a Couple Clicks

Having a destination wedding or a wedding with a lot of out-of-town guests and stressing about making welcome bags and what to put in them?  I recently read about a company, Bow Tie Bags (TM), which sells customizable and personalized welcome bags for your wedding guests.

Simply visit their website and assemble your bags with a few clicks.  Choose your bag color, products like gum, chips, granola bars, mints, etc., and custom label, then notify your hotel when the bags will be arriving. They assemble the bags and deliver them!  It’s simple, stress-free, and seems like it saves a lot of time because you don’t have to run to multiple stores to pick up all the products and assemble all the bags.

Making your own wedding welcome bags?   What are you putting in them?

Wedding Costs Where You Live

Can you guess the most expensive place to get married in the U.S.? According to a recent industry survey by XO Group Inc., creator of and and based on survey results from those sources, it’s New York City.

Wondering where your city fell on the list? Here are the top 10 locations from their list of 20.

  1. New York City
  2. Chicago
  3. New York Metro (Long Island, Hudson Valley and NYC Outer Boroughs)
  4. Northern/Central New Jersey and Southern New Jersey
  5. Rhode Island
  6. Santa Barbara/Ventura, CA
  7. Boston
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Connecticut
  10. San Francisco

My advice to East Coast brides is start saving since 7 out of the 10 most expensive places to get married are located there.

Pros and Cons of Holiday Weddings

Like me, many people just love the holidays. Although it is a very stressful time of year, people are generally in a giving mood and they look forward to spending time with family and friends. So it seems like a no-brainer that holiday time would also be a good time for a wedding. I’ve been to a couple of holiday weddings and they certainly did harness the magic of the season. That being said, I think a holiday wedding could also have some downsides. Here are a few pros and cons to think about when considering a holiday wedding.

1.Most venues and places of worship are festively decorated for the holidays, leaving less work for the bride and groom.
2.Visiting out-of -town family are available to attend a wedding.
3.Wedding vendors such as photographers, videographers and venues may lower their prices since holiday time is a somewhat slow time.

1. The holidays are already a stressful time of year. Planning a wedding at the same time just adds more craziness.
2. Guests may already have holiday plans and may not be able to attend a wedding.
3. The holiday season brings with it added expenses and a wedding would add to guests’ expenditures.

It’s up to the individual couple to decide if a holiday wedding is for them. If you’ve decided to have a holiday wedding, let us know why.

Hangover Kits are a Hit

I recently read about a new item that brides are giving to wedding guests, a hangover kit. The kits are sometimes given at the wedding or in a welcome basket at the guest’s hotel room. I thought this was a good idea since over indulging on food and alcohol at weddings, rehearsal dinners and bachelor and bachelorette parties is fairly common.

There are a number of hangover kits available for purchase online but you can make your own by including some of the following items: aspirin, antacid and upset stomach medicine, vitamins, sports drink, water, and crackers.

If preparing a full kit for each guest is too costly, a simple water bottle with aspirin and an upset tummy remedy would be welcome for guests looking for a little relief from too many trips to the bar or buffet.

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