First Kiss

With the strike of midnight hours away, it’s time to give thought to where you’ll have your New Year’s Eve kiss! Will you be swept up in the moment; or do you have a spot you’ll sneak away to kiss privately?!

Capturing your first kiss – or THE kiss – on your wedding day requires just as much thought. Your wedding photographer may have a few must have ‘posed’ ideas to capture a kiss; or perhaps s/he will catch you in a private moment.

Whether planned or not, we found some of our favorite shots from recent Massachusetts weddings:

After ‘I do’: the first kiss as husband and wife is a must have photo for your wedding album!

The First Dance: whether its a impromptu kiss during the dance or the final dip with a planned kiss, this is another must have image!

Cake Cutting: next to the couple, the cake is often a focal point to the wedding day. This kiss is expected by your guests and captures your wedding cake.

Your Venue: not only does this image capture the two of you, it also captures the place you celebrated!

Under the Lights: evening weddings allow for romantic, soft lighting. Whether a posed kiss or not, the image will be full of romance!

A few other favorites…


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A Common Place

One of Massachusetts beloved historical landmarks is Boston Common. This park is the oldest in the country and what was once filled with important historical figures, today is filled with Boston locals.


No matter what the season: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, the Common is visited by many couples to shoot their 
engagement photos. It’s no secret that New England is known for its beautiful foliage and the Boston Common is a great place to see it. The beautiful landscape of trees and shrubs burst with color during Autumn.    

Fall: Water, Bench, Trees, Bridge

During the Spring & Summer months these grassy hills are filled with couples on picnics, sunbathers, and happy children enjoying a day on the swan boats. 

 Spring & Summer: Swan Boats, Buildings, Flowers, Statue, Frog Pond

The Common becomes a winter wonderland at the first site of snow. Many enjoy the fresh winter air while gliding along a famous frozen surface know as Frog Pond. After a day on the ice, sip hot cocoa and enjoy the city lights.

Winter: SunsetFrog Pond , Swans, Walkway

Here are some engagement photos by some local Boston Photographers:bostonengage2
Bob Goguen Photography
Diaz Digital Photography

Taking Time for Two

There is so much excitement and energy surrounding a wedding that often the day seems to whiz right by you. So I believe it is very important to take a moment and stop, look around you, and appreciate all the time, effort, and especially love that went into making your wedding unforgettable.

This brings me to this super cute moment from Amy & Kyle’s Wedding. I absolutely love the idea of stealing a private moment away especially on this lovely boat ride. I imagine that while Amy & Kyle spent time sitting out on the water they looked back at their reception and were able to see the love and support of family and friends as they celebrated. 

The photographer captured these amazing photos of their special moment! boatride3
More photos of Amy & Kyle’s Wedding
Photos taken by: Aphrodite Wedding Photography

Real Wedding: Christine & David

I wanted to share these photos I found from photographer Steve Z. I absolutely love the location and the beautiful surroundings of this wedding, and found this couple to be adorable. Don’t you love the shot with the groom is in his cowboy hat? Too cute! 


Christine & David married at Devil’s Thumb Ranch, just outside of Winter Park on August 6th 2009.


This beautiful Colorado Mountain is home to skiers in the winter and during the summer months adored by couples looking to wed. A blue sky, vast green landscape and a bright warm sun all contribute to making this a truly beautiful wedding day.

Photographer: Steve Z Photography {Follow on Twitter, Fan on Facebook}

Boudoir Photos Make a Great Gift for Your Groom

Looking for a special gift for the man in your life? How about a boudoir photograph? Boudoir photography used to be viewed negatively but with many photographers shooting these sensual and sexy images in a subtle, romantic and tasteful way, it has become a popular wedding or Valentine’s Day gift for grooms.

Boudoir photography, when done by a professional photographer, is like a work of art and stimulates emotions. The time prior to your wedding is filled with love and affection and a boudoir photo can capture these emotions and how you look and feel at this time.

Many photographers include hair and make-up services to bring out the super model in you. There are many styles to choose from like retro pin-up, sexy or nude and you can wear anything from your man’s favorite shirt, a faux fur wrap, to lingerie. With a variety of poses too like full body shots, close-ups of your face or legs, lying down, sitting up, indoors or out, you can let your glamorous self go!


Boudoir photographers are even scheduling stops at cities around the country for women who want to be photographed at places that are near and dear to them and their man. So if there’s not a boudoir photographer in your area, one may be stopping there soon.

One of our favorite Boston Photogs will be in the area for Boudoir photo shoots on these dates!

Image Credits:
Bride in Veil, Bride with WineBride in Mirror.

A Few Clowns Short of a Circus

We are all familar with the popular photobooths at weddings right? They make great bonus favors for guests, do the trick on capturing shots of all your guests and pretty much put those disposable cameras to shame! Well lets turn up the notch here and add a fun little twist to this already cool trend! I would like to introduce to you Photo Circus from the very talented photographer Jennifer Leatherwood

The lovely ladies at Leatherwood Photography allow guests to get creative with the use of props. The photos are unique and make for great keepsakes! Just look at some of these quirky photos that your guest will be talking about forever! Check out their site for more fun photos!

View more information on Photo Circus.

Places, Props & Photos!

Engagement photos are a fun way to become comfortable in front on the camera. Most importantly establish a relationship with your photographer. During this photo shoot your photographer learns all the little things that make you a great couple. The way in which you interact with each and feed off each others energy will make for great engagement photos and practice for the big day.

I enjoy spending time browsing my favorite wedding blogs and often come across the cutest photos of couples. The photos come our amazing and the surprising thing is that the couples are doing everyday things! So I gather a few of my favorites to share with all of you.

Who wouldn’t love a day in the sun with the one you love. Fill a basket of goodies and enjoy a picnic at a local park. Bring along a frisbee or football and add some fun action shots to your day.

Another great way to spend the day outdoors is to do what little kids have being enjoying for years…go fly a kite! Pick out a kite filled with bright colors {add a nice touch and get one to match your wedding colors} and go to a beach, a field, a local park or atop some grassy hills. Running and flying will bring smiles to your faces that will be captured on film for all to enjoy.
Grabbing a little snack like an ice cream cone reminds me of a perfect first date. These photos are so innocent, honest and totally captures how smitten they are for one another. 

A very popular prop used in engagement photos are balloons. I love this trend and find that it brings color and a certain sweetness to the photos. Isn’t the first one with the two pink balloons lovely *swoon*. This is also another great way to tie in your wedding colors!

Riding bikes is definitely one of my favorites. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon riding around your city or town hitting up all your favorite spots. It’s playful and super fun!

There are so many other great places or props for your engagement photos like:

~ Swings at a playground
~Walking your pet
~Mini Golf
~Canoe on a lake
~Umbrella in the rain
~Building a snowman
~Building a sand castle
~Walking around a music or art festival

Any others? Please share your ideas!

Wherever you go or whatever props you use be sure it something you like to do, something that excites you and leave the rest up to your photographer as he/she is sure to capture the great couple you are!

Happy Wedding Planning!!

Image Credits:
Flying a Kite from Chris Windsor, Beach couple flying Kite from Getty Images,  Hot Air Balloon from Fantasy Fliers,  Pink Balloons from Getty Images, Balloon Bunch from Getty Images, Balloons in Faces from Getty Images, Ice Cream Yellow Wall from Leo Dj Photography, Ice Cream on Bench from Getty Images, Basket from Veer, Basket & Flowers from She Knows, Couple on Bikes from Eric J Photography, Couple next to Bikes from Steve Z Photography,

Unique Ring Shots

The ever popular wedding ring shots are a great way to show off your wedding bling in a unique and fun way. In my travels through the world of weddings I stumbled upon some incredible ring photos by some amazing photographers. The rings are photographed with some clever and vibrant backdrops.

Flowers and foliage are some of the most popular ways to shoot the wedding ring. I particularly love the one of the pink flower. The colors really pop and make the ring really shine!


These photos really take a different spin on the traditional ring photo. The placement and style are so clever and filled with personality. How cute is the close pin! 


Image Credits:
Rings on Leaves by Hollye Schumacher, Rings on Palm Leaf by Hollye Schumacher, Purple Flower Bouquet from Robert Goguen, Closepin by Nicole Koester, Rusty Bolt by Nicole Koester, Converse Sneaker by Nicole Koester, Pink Flower by Nicole Koester, Piano by Nicole Koester.

A Moment Captured on Film

There are moments that simply take your breath away. Words escape you and your overcome with a feeling you will remember always. There may be no rhyme or reason as to why that particular moment grabs you, but when it does it like no other feeling in the world. You can imagine that a wedding day is filled with these moments. The proud parents, the nervous groom and the anxious bride to be, all experience a wave of emotion and are often left with a moment that takes their breath away.

Photo taken by Charlotte Geary

Here are some particular moments throughout a wedding where I would imagine emotions run high:

-Slipping into the wedding dress for the first time.
-When the bride grabs her Dad’s arm as they head towwards the aisle.
-The music keys and begins to play…here comes the bride…
-Looking down the aisle, right into the eyes of the man you love.
-A mother helping her little girl get ready…

Photo taken by Charlotte Geary

The cheer from friends and family after you exchange I Do’s…

Photo taken by Charlotte Geary

The hug from a proud father to his newly married young man…

Photo taken by Charlotte Geary

Hearing the words “You look beautiful” from the first man you ever loved…

Photo taken by Charlotte Geary

A quiet kiss from your husband, a moment where only you and him exist…

Photo taken by Charlotte Geary

A dance with daddy in your white wedding dress…

Photo taken by Charlotte Geary

Share your experiences or thoughts on what  moments will capture your heart and take your breath away?

Strike a Pose!

As a bride, what type of look are aiming to acheive on your wedding day? Will you go for the fairy tale princess for a day or boldly pose like a runway model? Or will you be a goof in front of the camera and capture a silly side of a wedding day? Look at some of these unique photos from photographers at Edmonson Weddings.

Edmonson Weddings is made up of Award Winning International Wedding Photographers based in TX. Thier work is simply amazing. I just love these whimsical photos. My favorite is the bride on the bench. The colors are amazing and she looks like she is enjoying her day in front of the camera! Which is your favorite? Any ideas of a quirkly place to have wedding photos taken?