First Kiss

With the strike of midnight hours away, it’s time to give thought to where you’ll have your New Year’s Eve kiss! Will you be swept up in the moment; or do you have a spot you’ll sneak away to kiss privately?!

Capturing your first kiss – or THE kiss – on your wedding day requires just as much thought. Your wedding photographer may have a few must have ‘posed’ ideas to capture a kiss; or perhaps s/he will catch you in a private moment.

Whether planned or not, we found some of our favorite shots from recent Massachusetts weddings:

After ‘I do’: the first kiss as husband and wife is a must have photo for your wedding album!

The First Dance: whether its a impromptu kiss during the dance or the final dip with a planned kiss, this is another must have image!

Cake Cutting: next to the couple, the cake is often a focal point to the wedding day. This kiss is expected by your guests and captures your wedding cake.

Your Venue: not only does this image capture the two of you, it also captures the place you celebrated!

Under the Lights: evening weddings allow for romantic, soft lighting. Whether a posed kiss or not, the image will be full of romance!

A few other favorites…


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The Wedding Outlet accepts the #IceBucketChallenge

All of the staff here at The Wedding Outlet have been individually nominated to complete the #IceBucketChallenge to help #StrikeOutALS. We have decided to accept this challenge together as a team. The Wedding Outlet will be donating $200 to to help #strikeoutALS and continue to raise awareness for this terrible disease. In addition to our donation of $200 we will donate $1 for every “share” our video receives (up to $1000). We in turn nominate the following wedding friends to also donate and complete the ALS #icebucketchallenge – Party Dress Express, Vows Bridal Outlet,, Maggie Sottero, and David Tutera. You have 24 hours!

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A Sweet Way to Pop the Question

I’m already married but I’ve just been proposed to!  My sister found such a cute and creative way to ask me to be in her bridal party that I had to share.


Etsy Seller: Preston’s Event Planning

I was out with my sister when she handed me a gift bag and told me to open it.  Inside was a small square box wrapped in ribbon.  When I pulled off the ribbon and opened the box, I found a candy ring pop and a message written on the top inside lid of the box, “Will you be my matron of honor?”  The invitation wasn’t a surprise to me but the way she popped the question sure was.  I’ve been in many weddings but was never asked in such a fun way.

Can you think of any other creative ways to ask your family and friends to be in your wedding?

Experience “Firsts” as a Couple

Last month, I met a Philadelphia area broadcaster who published a book about her year of “firsts.”  For a whole year, she documented her attempts at trying something new every day.  Shortly after, I read an article about a couple who decided to get married every day for one year.  I thought both ideas were very interesting and thought it would be really fun to combine the ideas.  Trying something new is sometimes scary but if one was to try something new every day, or even once a week with their spouse, it would make the experiences less frightening and more fun. I think sharing the experiences would help a newly married couple grow and even help a longer married couple get out of a relationship rut.

If you were to pick one “first” experience to share with your spouse, what would it be?

What’s On Your Mind?

It’s that time of year again, when lots of women are newly engaged and the results from David’s Bridal’s 8th annual “What’s on Brides’ Minds” Survey are in.  As per their survey of recently engaged and married women, here are a few answers to some of this year’s round of questions.

> 75% of women surveyed said they’d rather have their wedding fully paid for than lose 15 pounds

> 56% of women surveyed said they didn’t know their fiancé/husband was the one when they first met

> When asked how they met, most couples (27%) said through a friend

How would you answer those questions?  Do you fall within the majority?

2014 Wedding Gown Trends

Fashion week as come to an end – but not before unveiling some amazing new wedding gown trends for 2014! If you are getting married in the upcoming year, you are in luck because wedding gowns have definitely gone glamorous. From gorgeous sheer to bold and beautiful crystals, you are bound to find the perfect gown for your wedding day.

2014 Wedding GownsFeatured Gowns ~ top: Mori Lee Bridal: 2nd row: Allure Bridal filled us in on the top 5 wedding gown trends they predict to be stunning styles in the new year:

Vintage Wedding Gowns: glamorous and Great Gatsby inspired gowns featuring Swarovski crystals and lace – beautiful detailing that hug the body.

Big & Bold Wedding Gowns: add sparkle with crystal beading on the bodice, coupled with full skirts in tulle or rich satin.

Lace Wedding Gowns: lace never goes out of style. Find wedding gowns with little or lots of lace – either way, the romantic feel and look is perfect for your wedding.

Sheer Illusions + High Necklines: high necklines were introduced in 2013′s bridal gown trends and continue to grow even more popular. We love 2014′s wedding gown trends that include beautiful sheer to high necklines.

Short & Sassy: the short wedding reception dress is not just for the reception any more! Find amazing T-length styles in lace and full skirts. Perfect for the modern bride.

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Build Wedding Welcome Bags with a Couple Clicks

Having a destination wedding or a wedding with a lot of out-of-town guests and stressing about making welcome bags and what to put in them?  I recently read about a company, Bow Tie Bags (TM), which sells customizable and personalized welcome bags for your wedding guests.

Simply visit their website and assemble your bags with a few clicks.  Choose your bag color, products like gum, chips, granola bars, mints, etc., and custom label, then notify your hotel when the bags will be arriving. They assemble the bags and deliver them!  It’s simple, stress-free, and seems like it saves a lot of time because you don’t have to run to multiple stores to pick up all the products and assemble all the bags.

Making your own wedding welcome bags?   What are you putting in them?

Reduce Your Risk with Wedding Insurance

Are you including wedding insurance in your budget?  According to, more brides and grooms are purchasing wedding insurance.  Wedding insurance seems like a great idea especially since the costs for an average wedding are near $25,000. You may be thinking wedding insurance is an added expense that you may or may not need, but wouldn’t you feel better having the insurance in case something did go terribly wrong with the wedding plans?  Wedding insurance is one item I’d definitely look into especially since policies and prices vary.   Do you think wedding insurance is worth it?

Wish List Wedding

There was lottery fever in my neck of the woods this past week. Someone hit the $338 million Powerball jackpot. That is a lot of cash! I wondered what I might do with all that money; probably buy a new house, new car, pay off bills, donate some to charity and help out family.

Then I thought, I could have the most extravagant and luxurious wedding ever with all that money! My wish list wedding would include getting married at an Italian castle, a huge diamond wedding ring, custom made gown by a leading wedding dress designer, riding in a cool vintage Ferrari, a performance by my all time favorite musician, lobster and filet mignon for everyone, thousands and thousands of flowers, champagne throughout the entire evening and fireworks for the finale.

If money were no object, what would be on your wedding wish list?