Budget Friendly Engagement Rings

It’s proposal season and many couples were wondering how to get married without blowing their bank account (especially since the average engagement rings and wedding band costs $6,000). Debi Wexler, CEO of Whiteflash.com, is here to show you some recession-friendly wedding ring trends-after all, you’ll want to save that money for the Big Day.


Alternative Metals
• Platinum and gold are the go-to metals for wedding rings-but they come with a hefty price tag
• There are plenty of metals on the market that are still beautiful, elegant and less expensive
• Palladium is a growing trend that happens to have a similar look and feel to platinum, but can cost about 75% less
• If you’re more of a traditionalist, choose white gold over platinum. White gold costs 45% less than platinum

Simple Settings
• For the past couple of years there’s been a trend towards micro-pave diamond bands, diamond halos, etc., which can all add to the overall cost of a ring
• These days, some brides-to-be are opting for a more simple, subtle and chic setting
• Diamond Solitaires are less expensive than embellished options, like three-stone rings
• A simple, traditional prong setting or channel set band is also more cost-efficient than an elaborate tension or bezel setting

Double Duty
• Who says you have to have an engagement ring and a wedding band?
• One hot new trend is choosing a beautiful wide band with multiple rows of diamonds and making that your engagement ring and wedding band. Although the ring may cost more than a regular engagement ring, this double-duty ring can help you save more in the long run since you won’t need to buy a wedding band too

Colored Gemstones
• Call it hue-love, but brides are branching out of diamonds! Colored stones like topazes, sapphires, emeralds and rubies are becoming increasingly popular
• Luckily for grooms, they can get a more impressive-sized rock for their money by choosing a gemstone instead of a diamond
• If your bride-to-be loves colored diamonds à la Heidi Klum’s canary diamondthen pop the question with a yellow sapphire. Or try a tourmaline if you’re looking to replicate a pink diamond look.

Buy Shy and Save
• Shop for diamonds that weigh just under certain weight thresholds. You won’t even notice the difference in size
• Buy a .90-carat diamond instead of a 1-carat diamond and save more than $1,000. Plus, the diameter of a 1-carat diamond is 6.5 millimeters, versus a .90-carat diamond’s 6.3 millimeters.
• A 2-carat diamond will cost approx. $19,000 to $20,000+, whereas a “shy” 1.90 diamond of the same quality will cost you $15,000 to $16,000. That’s at least $4,000 in savings!

Additional Money-Saving Tips
• Match Away: You’ll spend half as much if you buy a matching or coordinating ring/band set, as opposed to choosing individual rings. You’ll save even more if you buy a “trio” (engagement ring, and his/her band set)
• Negotiate: Many retailers dramatically inflate prices to make a higher margin-but there’s always room for negotiation, so don’t be afraid to go after a deal. Never settle on the sticker price unless you’ve shopped around and you know it’s already a fair price.

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Fun Fancy Color Diamonds

If you are looking for a diamond wedding, engagement or anniversary ring that’ll stand out from the crowd, you may want to check out fancy color diamonds.

Image courtesty of Aurora Gems

Colored diamonds come in a variety of shades like yellow, pink, brown, or even blue and are valued because of the intensity of their color. The shade of a colored diamond is natural not man-made. Colored diamonds can be purchased as part of a ring or loose for use in a custom setting. You can purchase more than one colored diamond and design a ring with multiple colors too. Pink or yellow, also known as canary, colored diamonds are rare and can be quite expensive although if you do your homework, you can find some affordable alternatives.

Educate yourself on the grading of colored diamonds and on selecting gemstones in general at the Gemological Institute of America. Learn the 4Cs of diamond value in this 3 minute video.


Something Sweet: Pearls

Since June also marks National Pearl Month today’s “Something Sweet” feature are Pearls

Symbolizing elegance, beauty and prestige, pearls are simply a classic that will never go out of style. The charming size, shape and color of this jewel can be worn by all. Its simple beauty adds just the right touch to any attire. Pearls have always been a fashionable gem worn by brides on their wedding day.

From faux to real, the cost of pearls can meet any brides budget. They also make for a great bridesmaids’ gift – present at rehearsal dinner and let your girls know they should wear it on your wedding day!

For most brides, going faux allows them to select a style that they love and meets their budget. Afterall one tiny [real] pearl can cost more than a faux set!

Garden Necklace & Earring Set, Pearl Flower Vine Necklace and Earring Set, Cubic Zirconia Branches with Pearl Earrings Set

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Bella Swan’s Engagement Ring Now Available

Ok, I am a giant fan of the “Twilight” series by Stephanie Meyer but I am not so sure what I think of a new product Meyer co-designed with Infinite Jewelry Co., an exact likeness of the engagement ring Edward gives to Bella in the book “Eclipse.” Yes, you can now buy a real engagement ring that was made to fit the description Meyer wrote about. The ring is offered at three price points, there’s the “genuine” version, the “fine” version, and the more affordable “fashion” version and each style is available in white or yellow gold. I think the ring itself is kind of cool with its vintage look but would you still want a replica of Bella Swan’s ring when you’re married for 10, 20, 50 years? I don’t know. I guess you’d really have to love the ring or still be a huge “Twilight” fan! What do you think?
Visit Infinite Jewelry for details.

You can also see the ring in the trailer for the upcoming movie, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,”

Vendor Spotlight: Diamond Jewelers

Diamond Jewelers has one of largest selection of wedding rings featuring all the top brands and styles.  They are conveniently located in Salem NH. If you are in the area be sure to visit Diamond Jewelers stores location on Saturday 3/20 for the biggest sale of the year! Save 50 to 70% off wedding rings. Plus save an additional $25 off a $300 order, $50 off $750, $100 off $1500 or $200 off $3000.

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There’s more! My industry-qualified staff has been with me for years and shares my desire to treat you with friendly respect. We’re a part of the local community and the larger community of professional jewelers. I’ve worked hard to develop a reputation for honesty and value and you’ll feel that as soon as you enter my store.

Satisfying you is my most important goal. That’s why I stand behind all of my products. When you shop at my store, you know who I am . I’m Gary Sachs. I want to be YOUR jeweler!” (Gary Sash)


Wedding Band Sale
Date: Saturday, March 20, 2010
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Offbeat Wedding Bands

We all have individual taste, some of us more conservative, while others are quirky and unique. These whimsical wedding bands are definitely suited for people who like things a little offbeat. While strangely different in style and design the message these bands represent is the same as any other!ring1
These silver and gold bands feature an etched sound wave symbol meaning “I Do”. The second pair features a picturesque mountain landscape that only true outdoorsmen/women would appreciate.
These unconventional wedding bands are certainly one of a kind. The two bands match up perfectly like the couple who wear them.  
These two rings sort of have a sweet touch to them. The second one shows off a one sided heart made whole when matched up, while the first one represents the fingerprints of each family member.

Image Credits:
Nut & Bolt Wedding Band, Internet Connectors Wedding Band, Mountain Scene Wedding Bands, His & Her Heart Wedding Bands, Sound Wave Wedding Band,  Fingerprint Wedding Band.

A Gem of a Cupcake

Cupcakes are yummy on their own but when paired with a diamond, they are simply scrumptious. The people over at Since1910, the premier online diamond jewelry retailer and a technological leader in the online diamond retail business, heard a surprising amount of engagement stories from men who proposed using dessert as the proposal vehicle, so they decided to combine cupcakes and diamonds in honor of their 100th anniversary.

We’re not talking about a bunch of little diamond chips on this cupcake either. The diamond cupcake comes in chocolate or vanilla and features a 5.48 ct Round Diamond on top. The diamond advertised is a GIA certified 5.48 ct round diamond – F color – Si2 clarity – Good Cut. This cupcake will set you back a bundle though. Cost of this cupcake – $106,794. Cost of this memorable proposal – priceless!

Courtesy of Since1910 Blog

This proposal dessert is available via their website. For more information contact at 1-800-979-1910 or customerservice@since1910.com.