Create a Photo Gallery Using Wedding Portraits

Looking to add some interest to a large wall in your new home? Why not create a mini-museum or photo gallery wall with your wedding portrait taking center stage? Many brides have lots of wedding photos taken and albums made, but never get around to framing one of those beautiful prints for display. Wedding portraits make great art you can enjoy over a lifetime.

To create a photo gallery wall, use the bridal portrait as the centerpiece, hang or paint the initial of your last name, add a shadowbox with photos and mementos from your honeymoon; maybe even include framed pictures from your parent’s wedding day. Years later, add photos of your children or pets to complete the wall. You can rotate the artwork too, so you always have something new to share with your visitors.

This type of personal artwork lends a warmth to your home that store bought artwork does not and over the years becomes a symbol of your lives together.

Image Courtesy of Modnest

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Make Your Move Go Smooth

Now that you’re getting married, many of you will need to move from your separate places to a single place. Packing up the contents of an entire apartment or house is no easy task. You can wrap and box everything yourself, load up your cars and make multiple trips to your new place or you can hire a professional moving service to do the work for you. Whichever you choose, here are a few tips to make your move go smooth.

First, go through your stuff and whatever you haven’t used, worn, or are not crazy about, get rid of. Stock up on packing supplies well in advance so you’re not scrambling for empty boxes and tape when you’re ready to pack. Go room by room, and when you have time, pack things that you won’t use before you move first, label the box’s contents and in what room the box belongs. If you pack a little at a time, you won’t feel as overwhelmed as if you pack everything at once. Be sure to wrap breakables in paper or bubble wrap and don’t make your boxes too heavy or they’ll be difficult to carry up steps, etc.

This is just a short list of moving tips. Check out Mayflower’s website for a moving checklist and lots of great packing and wrapping tips.

Image from The Frisky

Your Favorite Love Song Becomes a Work of Art

I am so excited to share with you the amazing work of Michele Morata. Her work is beautiful and makes the sweetest gift for any newlywed.  Today she joins us to talk about her passion for Song Art.

Song Art was born out my desire to combine my passions for Music, Text, and Paint. I receive inspiration listening to the ‘favorite song’ I have been commissioned to produce while painting, which allows me to have direct connection to the emotion of the music & lyrics during the creative process. My vision for this series is to brighten the world thru positive emotions, i.e., love, connection, and nostalgia, for my client’s homes or offices with an heirloom quality painting for years to come.image2
Let Michele turn meaningful music into heirloom contemporary painting to cherish for lifetime! Michele’s Paintings have been featured in Fine Art Galleries in Las Vegas, Palm Desert, Beverly Hills, Laguna Beach, and Santa Monica.

Consider Song Art for the following:

SENTIMENTAL PERSONALIZED GIFT: Wedding Day (first dance | special song), bride to groom, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or create meaningful sentimental home decor.

WEDDINGS: Display your ‘First Dance or Love Song Original Painting” at your wedding! Common larger display requests = 16 x 20, 20 x 20, 24 x 36, 30 x 30, 36 x 36, 30 x 40, or 36 x 48 on 1.5″ Gallery Canvas. Many wedding clients display “Special Song” Unique Personalized Painting near guest book, cake, reception entry area, or wedding hall.

GALLERY WALLS IN HOME/OFFICE: Contemporary Art Gallery Formations are popular ways of displaying several favorite songs in formation rows. Make unique interior design artistic statements based on your favorite music & colors! Michele has worked with dozens of interior designers to achieve amazing creative design results with “Song Art” Originals.

SHIPPING: All framed paintings are shipped & protected with plexiglass. Gallery wrap canvas paintings are protected with UV archival coating and therefore may be placed in direct sunlight.  


Visit Art Destiny to learn more.


Guests not Cutting Back on Gifts

Even though we’ve been hearing so much about the recession, job layoffs, and cutting back on spending lately,, Conde Nast’s premier bridal destination, recently partnered with The Associated Press to poll American wedding guests on whether or not the recession is impacting how much they spend to join in “I do” festivities and despite the downturn in the economy, the survey found that cost is not a deterrent for Americans to attend weddings. This is good news for all you brides out there.


The survey found that generational differences play a part in gift giving with older guests feeling it is necessary to give a gift to the new couple.  Additionally, the survey found that cost is not a factor in accepting wedding invitations.  Other report findings are that people enjoy watching the wedding ceremony but many dislike group dances like the bunny hop, they’re not fond of the receiving line, and guests prefer a menu of chicken and wine over caviar and champagne.

To see more of the survey results like average price point for a wedding gift and to read the full story, log onto

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Light up your day!

These adorable lanterns and lumanries would make wonderful additions to any outdoor wedding. The subtle flicker of tealights along an aisle, walkway or across a table would add to an already romantic atmosphere. The lanterns can be used later as favors for your guests.  I recently thought of hanging a few lanterns on a tree near my patio so on a warm night when I’ m entertaining the lanterns would sparkle and create an illusion of a starry night sky.  Any other ideas on how to use these?


Image Credits:  Mini Laterns, Laterns with Hangers, Wedding Luminaries.

Pull up a chair and take a seat!

Wouldn’t you just love to pull up a seat to any of these lovely tables?  Each is simply decorated and inviting. Their simple style is clean and the soft palette of greens and white are perfect for an intimate wedding reception or garden party.

Table Arrangement from Martha Stewart Weddings

Incorporate other small details like votive candles, place cards holders, favor boxes or decorative glassware to add your own unique spin. Check out these fabulous finds to help you get started in achieving this look.


(From Left to Right Botanical Garden Votives, Ivory/Gold Favor Cones, Square Vases from

Decorate Your Home with Country Living

Looking to add some fresh, new “country” products to your bridal registry?  Fans of Country Living Magazine will be happy to hear that Kmart and Sears have just announced that they will be selling a new line of Country Living home fashions that includes bedding and bath, tabletop, furniture, and home décor this September.  This line of products is especially helpful if you have a new home that you are looking to furnish and decorate because the coordinated products make it easy and affordable to beautify your home.

The Country Living Collection will offer four distinct looks: Modern Countryside, Blue & White, Red & White and Faded Antique. Each will span traditional, classic and modern country sensibilities. Products will be priced from $3.99 for candles to $349 for dining furniture.
The new collection aims to bring comfort, quality, and beauty to your home, garden, and entertaining.

Blue & White                                   Red & White

Faded Antique                              Modern Countryside

To get an idea of what “Country Living” style is, pick up a copy of Country Living Magazine, or visit their website at

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