Add a Personal Touch to your Bouquet

We are IN LOVE with this New Arrival! These personalized bridal bouquet ribbons are a perfect way to customize your wedding day look. The Wedding Outlet offers a variety of styles and colors that will surely match your wedding color palette or theme. From checkered, stripe, gingham and jute we have fun fabrics to help add that extra special touch to your bouquet! May be personalized with an initial or monogram  in your choice of thread color! These wonderful ribbons make a great keepsake and perfect gifts for your bridesmaids! Shop Bouquet Ribbons >bouquet-ribbons

Wedding Symbols

Most people know that the wedding ring symbolizes unending love or that the white wedding gown symbolizes purity but have you ever wondered about the meaning of some other popularly used symbols? Below is some inspiration you’ll find from our Wedding Symbols Pinterest Board.

Wedding Themes - Symbolically Speaking
Wedding Symbols - Symbolically Speaking

Will you choose a symbol for your wedding? has helpful ideas on popular wedding symbols for your MA wedding theme >

Welcome Spring with Daffodils

Now that it’s March, I am thinking ahead to all things spring but especially to flowers. If you’re having a March wedding and still deciding on types of flowers for the event, how about incorporating the birth flower of March, the daffodil? Daffodils come in a variety of color combinations like yellow and white, yellow and orange, white and orange or just yellow. I just love how they add a pop of warm sunshine to centerpieces and bouquets.

I also love the versatility daffodils provide. Whether used in a large group alone or combined with other flowers or fruits, they really convey the feeling of spring, don’t you think?

Image Credits: Daffodil Centerpiece

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Floral Headpieces for Brides

Flowers are a major part of wedding decor as they are used throughout both the ceremony and reception. But would you consider wearing them on your wedding day? Brad of  Harrington Flowers, LLC was inspired by his passion for flowers to create floral headpieces for brides on their wedding day.  

Big hair accessories have become more and more popular. You’ll find hats, headbands, barrettes and clips on many brides as they walk down the aisle. What are your thoughts on these floral hair pieces, are they the next big trend?

Visit Sage Photo for more images.

Let’s Talk Topiaries

Looking for a unique decorating item that will look beautiful during, and well after, the wedding?  Cut flowers are pretty and smell good but they can wilt and they don’t last long after the wedding, so how about decorating with live topiary plants?  Topiaries are a unique alternative to flowers that look great and can become a keepsake from your wedding.

Companies like Addisons Topiary Patch make heart shaped topiaries that you can rent for your wedding or other special occasion.  You can work with them to determine the number of topiaries you’ll need and where you’d like them placed during your event.  You can even have lights put in them for a sparkling effect. 

Check with a florist or landscaper in your area to see if they make topiaries for a unique take on centerpieces, columns, and altar decorations.

Sponsored Post: Jeri Solomon Floral Design

Jeri Solomon, Owner of Jeri Solomon Floral Designs joins us today to discuss how to select wedding flowers by what they symbolize. Below is a list of the most popular wedding flowers, when they are in season, brief description and their meanings.

Calla Lily: Graceful, trumpet shaped flowers with elegant, sleek, light green stems. The full sized variety comes in white and green. The miniature variety comes in a variety of colors such as white, shades of yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. Best used in bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces.

In season: Miniature available year round. The large white are best October – May.
Meaning: Magnificent beauty

Carnation: These ruffle-edged, spice scented flowers come in a standard and miniature variety. Their colors range the entire spectrum with the exception of blue. Though once considered common, they are making a comeback in style, especially when they are massed together for a burst of color. Best used in bouquets, boutonnieres and arrangements

In season:
Year round
Meaning: Love, devotion

Chrysanthemum: Mums come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The “button poms” can be a small as a nickel while “football mum” are as large as a softball (not quite as big as a football!) Like the carnation, the mum has experienced a revival of sorts .It is a great flower for autumn weddings used in a large quantity for splashes of color. Best used in bouquets and arrangements.

In season: Year round
Meaning: Wealth, abundance, truth

Dahlia: This classic summer, garden, flower is bursting with chrysanthemum like petals. The blooms range in size from 3″ to 10″ in diameter. They are available in many colors including white, pink, purple, yellow orange. The are best used in arrangements and bouquets.

In season: Late July – Mid October
Meaning: Elegance and dignity

Delphinium: Delphinium are tall flowers with small blossoms rising up the stem. This flower comes in its standard variety in a deep cobalt blue, light periwinkle blue and white. The impressive hybrid varieties are much taller and come in shades of blue, lavender, purple and white. Best used in arrangements and bouquets.

In season: Year round, Best in summer
Meaning: Swiftness, lightness

Gardenia: This round, white flower is a classic for weddings. It has a very sweet smell and is used for bouquets, corsages and as an elegant accent for garlands and topiary trees.

In season: Year round
Meaning: Grace

Hydrangea: A multitude of small, clover shaped blossoms cluster together to form a great globe often up to 8” in diameter. Hydrangea comes in white and green and many shades of blue, pink, burgundy and purple. Best used in arrangements. When used in bouquets they should have a water source. They are very thirsty flowers!

In season: Year round
Meaning: Gratefulness

Gerbera Daisy: This happy, daisy-like flower comes in a standard size (4″ in diameter) and miniature size (2″ in diameter). Gerbera come in shades of red, pink, orange, peach, yellow and white. Best used in bouquets and arrangements.

In season: Year round
Meaning: Beauty

Lily: This is a large, impressive, star-shaped flower. Each stem can have two to five blossoms. The different varieties range in size from 4 to 8 inches in diameter. The color selection include shades of pink, yellow, orange, white. Best used in bouquets and arrangements.

In season: Year round
Meaning: Majesty, truth, honor

Lily of the Valley: This is a classic and traditional flower for weddings. Its’ small, bell-shaped blossoms grow along a delicate arching stem. It comes in white and very rarely blush pink and has a gentle sweet fragrance. Best used in bouquets and small arrangements

In season: May. Available year round, but very expensive.
Meaning: Happiness

Orchid: This flower can be found in many varieties. Most orchids will have a number of blossoms on a single stem. The size of the blossom can be as small as half an inch or as large as 5 inches in diameter. The color spectrum is as varied as the size and shape of this romantic, tropical flower. Colors include white, pink, yellow, orange, red, green, purple and lavender. Can be used in large arrangements, centerpieces and personal flowers.

In season: Year round
Meaning: Love, beauty

Peony: Nothing is more romantic than the soft abundance of petals and the subdued fragrance of the peony. This spherical flower, about the size of a baseball or softball is perfect for the June bride and comes in shades of white, pink, red and coral. Best used in bouquets and arrangements.

In season: Late April- Early July. Some availability in November and December.
Meaning: Good fortune. Happy marriage.

Rose: The rose is one of the most versatile flowers because of its variety of sizes, shapes and colors. This is a traditional wedding flower used in full bloom or buds. It can be used for large arrangements, centerpieces and personal flowers.

In season: Year round
Meaning: Love, joy, beauty

Sunflower: Nothing says “summer” better than the sunflower. The perfect flower for a casual summer event like a tent wedding, picnic or clambake. Most people think of the bright yellow flower with the big brown center, but sunflowers come in light shades of yellow and even brown! There is also a miniature variety for smaller arrangements and boutonnieres. Sunflowers work best for arrangements and bouquets.

In season: Year round
Meaning: Warmth and adoration

Tulip: This simple sleek flower comes in several sizes and varieties. They come in every color of the rainbow except blue. Best used in arrangements and bouquets.

In season: November through May
Meaning: Love, passion

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Fresh and Fruity Flowers

Flowers play an important role at weddings. They are used in centerpieces at the reception, to decorate the church and for bridesmaids’ bouquets. With a bounty of fresh produce available this time of year, why not incorporate fruits and veggies into your floral arrangements? Not only does produce add interesting and unexpected pops of color and texture to bouquets and arrangements, it is also a budget friendly alternative to buying dozens and dozens of fresh cut flowers. Here are some ideas for garden bouquets that feature fresh produce.

A tall glass vase is perfect for showing off citrus fruits. Add sliced or whole lemons, limes or oranges to the base of the vase and then fill with your favorite flowers. The fruit base helps to hold the flowers in place and by using yellow flowers like tulips with lemons or orange flowers like the daylily with oranges; you can create a dramatic monochromatic look.

Heads of lettuce with a large rose or daisy bloom nestled in the center also make a bold statement as the base for floral arrangements. Other veggies like artichokes, ornamental cabbage or even fresh herbs add interesting texture to arrangements as well.


Use your imagination to create fresh and fruity flower arrangements using strawberries, kiwi, mini pineapples, asparagus, you name it that will wow guests and keep your flower budget in check.

Make your own centerpieces with these instructions from Good Housekeeping.

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As a little girl I remember being frightened by sunflowers. I found it very strange and daunting that a flower grew to such a large size. I mean how is it possible that a flower can be taller than you? But now  I am much older {unfortunately not any taller} and have taken a liking to these bright and bold beauties! I really enjoy seeing them with purple!

Image Credits:
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I’m Digging Peonies

Although I’m not entirely sure I pronouce the name right I am entirely sure that I absolutely love love love this flower. While it’s typically shown in pink and I don’t necesarily consider myself a pink girl I still fell head over heels for it! Every blog I stalk, every inspiration board I drool over, it’s there looking oh so lovely.


The softer side of peonies…

Bold, bright and absolutely beautiful!

This flower looks fantastic in wedding bouquets or in stylish vases for reception decor.

Fun Facts about Peonies:

~There are 30 species of Peonies, but some are woody shrubs with 10 species.
~In 1903, the Qing Dynasty declared the Peony as the national flower of China.
~Colors: Pink, white, lavender, bicolors.
~The peony was formerly regarded as both ornamental and medicinal—the roots were used to prevent convulsions.
{more facts and info about peonies found here and here.}

Image Credits:
Pink Bunch  from White’s Farm, Hot Pink from Southern Accents, White Bouquet from Putting the R in Mrs.,  Blue Cup from Country Living, Multi-color Bouquet from Away to Garden, White Bouquet from Former Ms. , Bride with Bouquet from Columbus OhioWedding Planner.

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Fruits n’ Florals!

It’s no wonder flowers are the go to item when in need of centerpieces, decor, or other festive arragements, with the variety of bright colors, textures, and shapes the possiblities are endless. One great way to spruce up an arrangement or add another visual effect is to incoroperate fruits.

Fill a vase with whole fruits like red and green apples or lemon and limes. Trying slicing up oranges or another citrus fruit and display them along the wall of a vase. The spinwheel look inside offers a unique design. Another great use for fruits can be to hold table numbers or place card settings. The stem of an apple or an inserted pick can be used to hang a place card for a guest.  

Does anyone else have some fun ideas on how to use fruit for their special day?

Images Credits: Table Setting from The Knot