DIY “Thank You” Goodie Bags

Say thank you to your guests by sending them home with a sweet treat! These adorable, easy to make goodie bags not only work well as favors but are perfect to sending guests home with after a post wedding breakfast. The morning after our Rustic Wedding we invited guests to a post wedding breakfast where we gave out yummy treats while we thanked and said goodbye to our guests. It was the perfect little snack to have on the road home. With just a few materials and some help from your hunny you can have these bags ready in no time! Here is what you will need:

Step 1. Goodie Bags; choose any color, design or size to match your theme.
Step 2. Stamp, Favor Tag or Sticker; embellish however you wish!
Step 3. Candy Favors: choose some customized candies like Hersey Kisses, Life Savers Candies ,Mints or delicious chocolate covered pretzels!
Step 4. Clip, Favor Charm or Clothespin; secures your bag and looks super cute!


Step 5. Depending on your theme, find something to display your treats in. We choose an old vintage style suit case and added some wooden legs to make it a table – it was perfect for our Rustic Theme.


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LIQS Cocktail Shots: Fabulously Fun

Tis the season for holiday parties! You’ll find your usual cheers worthy beverages – including champagne, wine, winter brews and an array of festive concoctions – which are all perfect for a holiday occasion. However, there is something new on the scene! Just a few nights ago, I attended my first holiday party of the season and was excited to see a new colorful addition to the bar’s usual lineup. Guests were offered LIQS Cocktail Shots. These fun and fabulously flavored, perfectly packaged cocktail shots are delicious and had everyone wanting more.  I couldn’t help but think how fun these cocktail shots would be for wedding related occasions and gifts.

Bachelorette/Bachelor Party
We’ve all made Jello shots – tried to find the right container size, the right cooler to transport them – let’s face it: they can be a pain. LIQS Cocktail Shots are package perfectly for easy travel and their flavor choices are ones everyone will love.

Wedding Party Gifts
Most couples purchase personalized tote/duffle bags for their bridesmaid/groomsmen which means you’re going to need something to fill up those bags. Whether it’s a bottle or wine or their favorite bottle of bourbon add some colorful cocktail shots as an unexpected colorful party surprise.

Wedding Welcome Bags
Add 1 or 2 shots to your welcome bags along with a salty snack. Your guests will kick start your wedding weekend with a deliciously flavored cocktail shot that will have everyone ready to party and celebrate the newlyweds!


LIQS Cocktail Shots come in a variety of four all-natural flavors: Which one do you think was my favorite?

Tequila Cinnamon Orange
Made with 99% agave tequila infused with a blend of subtle cinnamon and fresh orange to produce an irresistible balance of spicy and sweet (55 proof; 120 calories).

Vodka Cucumber Lime
A six-time distilled vodka shot with the cooling nature of cucumber combined with the citrus of lime (45 proof; 90 calories)

Vodka Kamikaze
An improvement on this nightlife staple with six-times distilled vodka infused with the finest citrus and a hint of natural vanilla (45 proof; 100 calories)

Vodka Lychee Grapefruit
A perfectly pink mix of six-times distilled vodka balanced with the citrus of grapefruit and the sweetness of lychee to create a fruit-forward option that is not cloying (45 proof; 90 calories).

Get to know them:
LIQS Cocktail Shot, the world’s first premium ready-to-drink “Cocktail Shot” brand. These portable shots combine top-shelf spirits with the high quality flavors seen in traditional craft cocktails to bring a potent, low calorie alternative with no preservatives or artificial flavors in a durable plastic shot glass. For more information on LIQS Cocktail Shot or to purchase for your next special occasion, please visit:

Any Occasion Brunch

I love brunch!  I often host a family brunch for my children’s birthdays instead of a more traditional birthday dinner and I treated my bridesmaids and the moms to brunch before my wedding.  I think brunch showers and day after the wedding brunches are great too.  So if you’re considering hosting any type of brunch in conjunction with your wedding, here are a few of my favorite tips/ideas for a quick and easy brunch everyone will love including you!

I always prefer to have a combination of hot and cold foods.  You don’t have to go crazy with a ton of entrees and apps, just one or two hot and cold dishes.  I like to do a ham which you can heat and leave on the table and a warm frittata then maybe bagels or muffins with cream cheese and jelly and a fruit salad.

Have a signature drink which can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic.  I usually do some sort of drink with a champagne base like a mimosa with orange juice or a poinsettia with cranberry juice.  Leave out the champagne, and you have your non-alcoholic drink.

I always like to have fresh flowers at brunch too.  You can do small arrangements in mason jars or small milk/juice pitchers.  Plain glass vases work perfectly fine too.

If you can’t host an after wedding brunch for guests, how about sending them home with a boxed brunch?  I’m sure they’d love that too!

Build Wedding Welcome Bags with a Couple Clicks

Having a destination wedding or a wedding with a lot of out-of-town guests and stressing about making welcome bags and what to put in them?  I recently read about a company, Bow Tie Bags (TM), which sells customizable and personalized welcome bags for your wedding guests.

Simply visit their website and assemble your bags with a few clicks.  Choose your bag color, products like gum, chips, granola bars, mints, etc., and custom label, then notify your hotel when the bags will be arriving. They assemble the bags and deliver them!  It’s simple, stress-free, and seems like it saves a lot of time because you don’t have to run to multiple stores to pick up all the products and assemble all the bags.

Making your own wedding welcome bags?   What are you putting in them?

Say Cheese to This Wedding Cake

I have written about all kinds of wedding cakes; wedding cakes with fondant, with fancy fillings and frostings, even multi-layer statement cakes with dummy tiers, but I have never, ever, seen or heard of a wedding cake made out of cheese…until today.

The company that makes the cheese wedding cakes is The Fine Cheese Co. out of London and they’ve been making them for 10 years. I checked the cheese wedding cakes out and not only do they look beautiful, they must taste fabulous! You can select multiple kinds of cheeses for the different layers and add fruit or flowers for decoration.

I think a cheese wedding cake is a great idea because you can eat it during the cocktail hour, after the wedding with guests that stay late and for dessert too.

Not sure if they ship to the U.S. but it’d be worth looking into if you’re a big cheese fan.

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Creative Food Favors

Food favors are always a hit at bridal showers but I think bridesmaids are getting more creative than ever with the favors. Sure, everybody loves gourmet chocolates or custom cookies, but I just heard about a shower where the favor was a mason jar of home made fruit dip. I thought that was a great idea especially for a shower in spring or summer time when everyone’s eating fruit salad.

Here are a few more creative food favors I came across:

  • Bags of caramel corn
  • Cake or brownie pops
  • Spiced nuts
  • Smore’s kits
  • Lemonade/hot chocolate mixes

I would be very happy with any of these items. How about you?

Featured: Gran-OH-la in a Jar, Red Velvet Cupcakes in a Jar Blueberry Pie in a Jar.

Serve a Slice of Sunshine

E! News recently reported that Kim Kardashian and her fiancé Kris Humphries were shopping for wedding cakes.  One flavor they sampled was lemon.  I thought that was a unique flavor for a wedding cake and just right for their, or your, August wedding.

If you’re having a warm weather wedding and are still searching for the perfect piece of cake, maybe a lemon flavored cake will make the cut.  The citrus flavor, whether in the cake itself, frosting or curd filling, is bright and refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day.  Decorated with lemon peels or mini frosted lemons, a lemon flavored cake not only tastes great but looks festive.

Serving a lemon flavored cake?  Tell us about it.

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Could Chocolate Biscuit Cake Become New Trend in US?

I hate to jump on this whole Royal Wedding bandwagon, but since I just wrote an article about how serving two wedding cakes is better than one, I couldn’t resist mentioning that Prince William and Kate Middleton will serve a cookie cake along with the traditional wedding fruitcake. 

Seems Prince William asked for a groom’s cake made of cookies and chocolate. The BBC reports that it’s a childhood favorite of his. The unbaked “chocolate biscuit cake” will be made by McVitie’s biscuits using a secret Royal Family recipe.  The secret recipe contains dark chocolate and crushed Rich Tea biscuits.  Sounds yummy! 

Wonder if this type of cake is available in the US?  I think I see a new wedding trend.

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Hot Trend: Mashed Potato Bar

Yum…the mashed potato bar, what a fantastic idea! Not only is it a delicious treat but fun for your guests to create their own signature style appetizer. You just fill up a martini glass with mashed potatoes and then its time to get creative by topping them off with all your favorite fixings. It is a budget friendly way to feed your guests no matter what the occasion

Here are some tasty topping to include on a mashed potato bar:

- Cheeses: parmesan, cheddar, jack, mozzarella
- Crumbled Bacon Bits
- Chives/ Scallions
- Crunchy Onion Strings
- Gravy
- Whipped Butter
- Roasted Garlic
- Sour Cream
- Steamed broccoli,
- Corn
- Roasted peppers
- Caramelized Onions
- Hot Sauce
- Jalapeños
- Salsa or diced tomatoes
- Salt & Pepper

Can you think of anymore delicious toppings, share your ideas!

Image Credit: Bride at Mashed Potato Bar, Martini Mashed Potato Bar

Handling Holiday Sweets Ahead of Your Wedding

‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry, but holiday goodies like cookies, cocktails, and egg nog sure can pack on the pounds.  If you’re trying to maintain your weight so you can fit into your wedding gown, the cookie swaps, cocktail parties and holiday open houses present additional challenges to your success. 

Image Credit

 So here are seven tips from Weight Watchers on how to enjoy holiday treats and stay on course. {Read full article}

  1. Don’t go to a party hungry
  2. Don’t eat just to be polite
  3. Get your priorities straight
  4. Keep a friendly distance from the food
  5. Add it up
  6. Go easy on the drinks
  7. Get moving

I am guilty of overindulging on the holiday goodies myself so I’m going to try and follow this advice too! Anyone have any other helpful suggestions?