Battery Operated Bridal T

It’s still popular for a bride-to-be to wear a t-shirt or sweatpants emblazoned with the word bride. The word bride is usually an ironed on decal or sometimes it’s a rhinestone bride tank or tee but I saw a new t-shirt that would be so much fun for a bride to wear – a LED t-shirt that lights up!

The T-Qualizer Store just launched bride and groom themed t-shirts that light up and flash to the music. There are two new designs available for both brides and grooms. There’s a Here Comes the Bride (or Groom) in a funky font that flashes to the beat of music and an Everyone Needs a Marriage License (Plate), a unique vanity plate which also lights up and animates.

These shirts would be a big hit at a bachelor or bachelorette party. They’d surely get a lot of attention!

To celebrate these four new shirts, T-Qualizer is giving away two sets of them to two lucky people! To enter just visit their Facebook fan page, and click the ‘Contest’ button.