Wedding Trends Today & Tomorrow

With the year coming to a close, I reviewed some wedding trends from 2014 and looked for the latest news and views on trends for 2015 weddings. Here are my picks for the best of 2014 and what I think will be the most exciting trend for your 2015 wedding.

If I had to pick my one favorite 2014 wedding trend, I’d have to say soft & romantic (ok, that’s two I guess.)  Gowns, decorations, flowers and even cake frosting took on natural colors, blushes and nudes creating soft, sexy looks that exuded elegance.

Now for my 2015 trend pick – There are many new trends on the horizon for 2015 weddings but the 2015 wedding trend I am most excited about is bridal gown styles.  Bridal gown colors are moving forward from blushes and ivory tones to blues, greys and even light greens and they’re featuring new contemporary designs like two-piece crop top and off-the-shoulder styles. Brides now have more options than ever when shopping for a wedding gown.  Yeah for brides!

Are you incorporating a 2015 wedding trend into your wedding?  If so, which one?


DIY Bridal Shower Decorations

I recently planned a bridal shower for my sister so I searched online to get some ideas and design inspiration.  I found a number of vendors with some great handmade products but being the crafter that I am, I decided to try and make some of the decorative items myself. Here are some of the DIY decorations that I created for the event.

Since we were having brunch at an Italian restaurant in the fall, I decided to go with a rustic Italian theme.  I used a color palette of ivory, mossy green and light brown.  I made table centerpieces using sunflowers, mums and hydrangeas arranged in empty colorfully labeled tomato cans.  To decorate the gift table, I made a large paper mache letter (the letter of her new last name) covered in silk flowers.   I trimmed both the gift and dessert tables with a fabric garland that I made from tying strips of burlap, ribbon and tulle onto twine.  The favors were Italian soaps wrapped in burlap with brown paper heart tags that were stamped with “Thank You” and displayed in a large sunflower print cardboard box.


I shared my DIY decorations, now it’s your turn! Are you making anything fun and interesting for an upcoming shower or wedding?

Formal from Head-to-Toe

Once the prefect wedding gown is found, the search is on for a great pair of shoes.  Brides know how important the perfect pair of shoes is in creating their overall look but often times, not much thought is given to what the groom will wear on his feet.  It’s true that men’s formal shoes can sometimes be plain but that is definitely not the case with the new David Tutera men’s formal shoe collection.

The first pattern, Celebrity, is a patent shoe with a classic double –runner across the body of the shoe.   The double-runner is over-laid with a matching matte material adding contemporary flair.  The second pattern, Icon, is the flip-side version of Celebrity where the shoe is matte-based and the double-runner is patent. Both styles are super sharp and would look great on every groom.

Have you shopped for your groom’s shoes yet?  If so, what style are you getting?

A Sweet Way to Pop the Question

I’m already married but I’ve just been proposed to!  My sister found such a cute and creative way to ask me to be in her bridal party that I had to share.


Etsy Seller: Preston’s Event Planning

I was out with my sister when she handed me a gift bag and told me to open it.  Inside was a small square box wrapped in ribbon.  When I pulled off the ribbon and opened the box, I found a candy ring pop and a message written on the top inside lid of the box, “Will you be my matron of honor?”  The invitation wasn’t a surprise to me but the way she popped the question sure was.  I’ve been in many weddings but was never asked in such a fun way.

Can you think of any other creative ways to ask your family and friends to be in your wedding?

David Tutera Tuxedos Available for Spring 2015

The International Formalwear Association’s annual convention and trade show takes place at the end of July.  Tuxedo suppliers, retailers and industry experts get together to preview the latest styles of tuxedos and men’s formal accessories that will be available for weddings for the upcoming year.

This year, a new brand name in rental tuxedos will premiere – David Tutera.  David is a WE TV star, celebrity wedding planner, and producer and star of the TV series, “My Fair Weddings.” The David Tutera spring 2015 collection will feature a black herringbone design and an ivory or black design, all in a light-weight wool style. This timeless, new line for men is designed to complement his bridal collection so couples can now have a totally Tutera wedding.

Would you be interested in checking out David’s new men’s formalwear line for your spring 2015 wedding?


Wildfire Wedding

As I watched the season finale of Modern Family, in which Mitch and Cam needed to evacuate their wedding because of wildfires in the area, I thought how awful that would be for a couple if that really happened. Well in a case of life imitating art, this scenario did play out for a couple in Oregon recently. Michael Wolber and April Harley were faced with this very dilemma on their wedding day but before they left the scene of the ceremony, they took a few photographs. With smoke and flames raging in the background, the photos are quite dramatic, scary yet beautiful.


Those photos, and the story that goes along with them, is sure to be one for the ages but I’m not sure I would have stayed around for photos, would you? Click to view entire story and wedding photos. { Photos courtesy of Action News.}

Experience “Firsts” as a Couple

Last month, I met a Philadelphia area broadcaster who published a book about her year of “firsts.”  For a whole year, she documented her attempts at trying something new every day.  Shortly after, I read an article about a couple who decided to get married every day for one year.  I thought both ideas were very interesting and thought it would be really fun to combine the ideas.  Trying something new is sometimes scary but if one was to try something new every day, or even once a week with their spouse, it would make the experiences less frightening and more fun. I think sharing the experiences would help a newly married couple grow and even help a longer married couple get out of a relationship rut.

If you were to pick one “first” experience to share with your spouse, what would it be?

Make a Memorable Couple’s Gift

Looking for a unique wedding gift for your fiancé?  How about making him a piece of Memory Ware?  Memory Ware is created by gluing or cementing small pieces of every day objects onto a jewelry box, around a mirror or picture frame, on a cookie jar or even a flower pot.

Some items you can adhere to create a “couples” piece of Memory Ware might include:

- Shells from your first beach trip together

- Pieces of costume jewelry you maybe wore on a first date/special occasion

- Corks from a shared bottle of wine

- A key from your first place together

- Buttons from your favorite band or museum trip

Any small trinkets that have a sentimental value to you both. You can even use broken pieces of tableware, tile or pottery to construct hearts, flowers, a sun, your last name initial, or any object you like. There’s really no limit as to what you can include on your piece of Memory Ware.  Just be creative! If you’re short on time before the wedding and you can’t get this made as a gift, you can just work on it whenever you have free time.  It’d make a perfect addition to your new home as well. Be inspired by this creative Memory Ware Pinterest Board I stumbled upon featuring creative pieces.

Do you have any other ideas for Memory Ware materials?


What’s On Your Mind?

It’s that time of year again, when lots of women are newly engaged and the results from David’s Bridal’s 8th annual “What’s on Brides’ Minds” Survey are in.  As per their survey of recently engaged and married women, here are a few answers to some of this year’s round of questions.

> 75% of women surveyed said they’d rather have their wedding fully paid for than lose 15 pounds

> 56% of women surveyed said they didn’t know their fiancé/husband was the one when they first met

> When asked how they met, most couples (27%) said through a friend

How would you answer those questions?  Do you fall within the majority?

Brides Goes Hollywood

The February/March issue of Brides Magazine is usually one of the biggest and most anticipated issues of the year and this year is no exception.  Brides Magazine recently announced that they will feature celebrity covers and Hollywood bridal moments.


The February/March cover will feature supermodel and personality Coco Rocha donning a never-before-seen Truly by Zac Posen bridal gown. Zac and Coco will appear together in a fashion feature inside with an accompanying interview.  An added bonus this issue – the debut of Drew Barrymore as a guest beauty columnist.  Readers can write Drew with beauty questions at

Since celebs are often stylish trendsetters, I think that adding them is a perfect complement to the magazine’s dedication to everything stylish for weddings.  I love the idea of featuring more celebrities in the magazine.  How about you?