Any Occasion Brunch

I love brunch!  I often host a family brunch for my children’s birthdays instead of a more traditional birthday dinner and I treated my bridesmaids and the moms to brunch before my wedding.  I think brunch showers and day after the wedding brunches are great too.  So if you’re considering hosting any type of brunch in conjunction with your wedding, here are a few of my favorite tips/ideas for a quick and easy brunch everyone will love including you!

I always prefer to have a combination of hot and cold foods.  You don’t have to go crazy with a ton of entrees and apps, just one or two hot and cold dishes.  I like to do a ham which you can heat and leave on the table and a warm frittata then maybe bagels or muffins with cream cheese and jelly and a fruit salad.

Have a signature drink which can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic.  I usually do some sort of drink with a champagne base like a mimosa with orange juice or a poinsettia with cranberry juice.  Leave out the champagne, and you have your non-alcoholic drink.

I always like to have fresh flowers at brunch too.  You can do small arrangements in mason jars or small milk/juice pitchers.  Plain glass vases work perfectly fine too.

If you can’t host an after wedding brunch for guests, how about sending them home with a boxed brunch?  I’m sure they’d love that too!