Say Cheese to This Wedding Cake

I have written about all kinds of wedding cakes; wedding cakes with fondant, with fancy fillings and frostings, even multi-layer statement cakes with dummy tiers, but I have never, ever, seen or heard of a wedding cake made out of cheese…until today.

The company that makes the cheese wedding cakes is The Fine Cheese Co. out of London and they’ve been making them for 10 years. I checked the cheese wedding cakes out and not only do they look beautiful, they must taste fabulous! You can select multiple kinds of cheeses for the different layers and add fruit or flowers for decoration.

I think a cheese wedding cake is a great idea because you can eat it during the cocktail hour, after the wedding with guests that stay late and for dessert too.

Not sure if they ship to the U.S. but it’d be worth looking into if you’re a big cheese fan.

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