Wedding Charms: A Victorian Tradition

We are so excited to see one of our products featured on the Today’s Show Style Buzz!  Style editor Bobbie Thomas talks about some great additions to any wedding, royal or not!

Buzz from Bobbie Thomas…

The “ribbon pull” ~ ($18:95 – $20.49 for set of 6;
“While the big day is all about wishing luck and love to the newlyweds, some wedding traditions focus on bestowing good fortune to others in attendance. Dating back to Victorian times, a “ribbon pull” is a unique wedding reception activity in which sterling silver charms attached to long ribbons are baked in between the layers of the wedding cake. Before the bride and groom share their first slice, the bridesmaids gather so that each can pull one ribbon, claiming for herself a future good promise. Some southern weddings here in the States have also adopted the tradition, especially near New Orleans.” - Bobbie Thomas

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