Vendor turned Bride: The Wedding Cake

Ahhhh the cake!!! Who doesn’t love dessert? Yummy yummy for your tummy! I was so thrilled that I finally found something that I knew Dan would enjoy doing with me. I had learned quickly that wedding planning was no fun for the groom to be, so I was very happy to finally be able to do something that I knew he would enjoy. But, unfortunately for him, it only took two tastings to find the baker we loved… The Icing on the Cake.


When Paula entered the room, I knew right away I wanted to work with her! She was bubbly, cheery and spoke in detail about our cake. Helped determine what we were looking for, what options we had, and most importantly, ways to SAVE MONEY!!! She gave us idea’s like having cupcakes for the kids, having a small cake and a sheet cake in the back that they would serve, etc… things that another bakers never mentioned. That’s what I call customer service. Then we got to taste five different types of cakes and OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME, these cakes were delicious! The vanilla tasted like vanilla, the chocolate tasted like chocolate, the cakes were moist and very light. We knew right away we wanted to hire her. We signed the contract and made the deposit on the spot! It was so exciting to check this off the “list of things to do”.

During our conversation, I mentioned to her that I was a makeup artist and she was so giving that she offered to me to give her some of my business cards to hand out to clients. What a nice gesture, now I knew I was working with good people!

Stay tuned…