Vendor Turned Bride: The Photographer

From the moment I met Photographer Kim Calakoutis, she was an absolute delight, both professional and fun to be around. We had worked a wedding together back in 2008. I had been applying mascara onto the bride’s lashes when I stepped back and nearly knocked Kim over! She had been leaning over my shoulder snapping candid photos of the bride. That’s how quiet and professional she is! Her work simply speaks for itself; visit her blog or K-C Photo.

So of course after Dan popped the question I contacted Kim. But before I could book her, we obviously had to set a date. Since my favorite time of year was Fall, it was no surprise I wanted to have an Autumn wedding. We knew that we couldn’t pull off a 2009 wedding, given that we both lived in two different states; Dan from Maine and myself from Massachusetts. More time was needed to consider relocation, so we decided on the fall of 2010!

I contacted Kim to see if there were any dates that I needed to steer away from, get this people, I was actually planning my wedding around Kim’s availability. After throwing around some dates I noticed 2010 was going to have a 10-10-10 date! I was so super thrilled about this that I immediately asked Kim availability. Unfortunately for me, some other lucky bride had her booked for a destination wedding. I was crushed; my world felt like it had just come crashing down. Could it be; my first steps in planning and I have already had a speed bump?

I spent weeks trying to decide what to do. Do I have our wedding with Kim, or on 10/10/10 with another photographer? I paced a lot, weighed out pro’s and con’s, posted on Facebook for help on what to do, emailed my close friends and family for advice and even still I found no solution. The responses were 50/50. Facebook friends said go with the 10/10/10 novelty, while my family and close friends said not to dictate the day around the date’s novelty.

Finally, after being a little crazed for about a month, I had an epiphany. I reminded myself of what I preach to my clients and prospects. I always tell them to think about the day after the wedding or the years after the wedding, the only other thing other than yourselves that you have to remember that day by, are your photos. The key elements in assuring you have great photos are; to hire a talented photographer (like Kim, someone who does great work and makes you feel comfortable!), incorporate gorgeous flowers that show your unique style and personality, enhance your beauty with help from a professional makeup artist, and wear the perfect style gown that flatters you. Everything else will be quickly forgotten so be sure you have these four things. My decision was instantly made; our wedding is set for 10/03/10 with Kim as my photographer.

Dan & I went for our “official meeting” to discuss our plans for the wedding and have our engagement photo’s taken. Unfortunately the day was a wet wintery mix which restricted us to indoors for our photo shoot. This certainly didn’t stop Kim from making a day fun and memorable.

Kim stood on the top of a hope chest to set up the perfect angle. I laughed as I thought it was so funny she chose a hope chest. She says the hope chest was just the right size. It was indeed a little thing, but it was just so cute. She began by snapping some solo photos of me {which I have now used to update Makeup by Nancy} and then asked Dan to join in. We had never posed for professional photographs before so after a few awkward moments, we began to let loose, have fun laughed our way through the shoot. Kim captured some really great moments and I am so happy to share a few with you all today.
I’ve become so excited about our wedding now, I just can’t wait for our big day!

Be sure to check out Kim’s past weddings, they are great!
Kim also does a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot too if you are looking for that, inquire!!!

Next thing on the docket, finding a venue!