Vendor turned Bride: The Engagement Party

Shortly after we got engaged, my sister had offered to throw us an engagement party. I rallied up a list of invitees and sent them along her way and anxiously waited to celebrate with friends and family.

Our biggest priority was to make sure Dan’s parents were here from Florida. After working around scheduling with kids activities, school vacations, summer camp etc, we set a date towards the end of September. I am thrilled it all worked out, it just wouldn’t have been complete without them.

I was told by several people that I had to register for gifts before the engagement party. WOW, I wasn’t ready for this! But I knew right away where I was going to register. I love Crate&Barrel and knew that one day I would finally be able to register there. But, Dan’s family is from Maine, and I learned very quickly that there isn’t a Crate&Barrel store in Maine!!! Or in Portsmouth, NH!!! What’s up with that? There’s an outlet in Kittery, but unfortunately the items I registered for were not sold at the store! By also registering at Target, another store that both of us love, we were able to offer a solution for those guests. We also have registered at Liberty Travel so people can help us go on a honeymoon.

Registering was fun, but also stressful. Getting married during a recession makes you think a lot about what you register for. We had to think more so about “what we need” vs “what we want”. Sure we did put a few things of “want” on our registries, but mostly what we need. For example, instead of registering for formal dishes and everyday dishes, we registered for something in between. The Essential dishes at Crate& Barrel, they are all white settings, so they can dress up or dress down. It just takes a little table linens and décor to make it work!


Where are you registering?