Vendor turned Bride: The Caterer

I was asked the question “Are you going to do your own makeup for your wedding?” It’s quite comical to see people’s reaction when I respond “No, I’m not.”  With all the stress, anxiety and excitement on my wedding day I can’t imagine I will have the steady hand to apply my own makeup. There is no way I would want added stress on my own wedding day”. This is the same recommendation that I give to every bride to be! Think about it, if a chef were to get married, do you really think that they would cook their own food for their wedding reception?

Speaking of food, it was time to pick a caterer. The Sandy Burr had given me names of three caterers, which I had requested menus and estimates. I knew this expense was a HUGE factor in my budget and I had to be very careful with my decision.  Having the right food is a critical part of the reception especially for my guests. In order to get started I needed to decide on the dinner style; sit down, family style or food stations.  After long deliberation, I decided on food stations by Primavera.


When I first contacted Primavera, Jane Gibson got back to me right away. We began discuss details of my budget and she was most accepting and accommodating when I responded “let’s start at zero, I need you to create a budget for me”! We worked together to create an affordable package that meet all of my needs. This was quite a relief. But I still knew I needed to work hard to make it happen!

Getting married at the age of 40, means a majority of my wedding guests are either much older than me, or, very much younger than me. I knew that I needed to have a very identifiable menu that people of all ages would enjoy. I wanted to ensure my guests are comfortable with the food choices they were going to be offered. I was able to incorporate options that would appeal to all. Hor dourves will include pigs in a blanket; a favorite for the young at heart, and scallops wrapped in bacon for the more mature palettes. Dinner will feature a variety of choices offered in a food station setting. The food will be prepared with an Italian flavor, a Primavera’s specialty and a personal favorite of the bride and groom!


I recently stopped in Primavera  to put in a deposit and I couldn’t help but order some take out for Dan and I. While I waited for the food, I couldn’t help but think that the food must be really good as the place was filled with people dining out . Dan’s work schedule makes it difficult to attend a tasting because he works Sun – Thurs nights and Primavera doesn’t do tastings on Friday and Saturday or any daytimes. This is one thing that I did find a little discouraging. Therefore, I brought the food to Maine (where Dan lives) and we enjoyed a delicious chicken marsala dinner for me and chicken parmesan dinner for him while sitting on the couch, watching a movie, all relaxed and enjoying each other’s company.