Vendor Turned Bride: The Proposal

When I first became a professional makeup artist {Makeup by Nancy}, I had no one special in my life with no wedding plans anywhere in sight. I would go to different homes, hotels or venues to apply makeup for brides and their bridal parties. I’d always make sure everyone looked perfect and the bride looked like a more glowing version of herself. I would leave each job satisfied and thrilled that I was able to be part of making someone’s extra special day a little bit brighter. With sore feet and a smile on my face, I would drive home thinking at that very moment the bride was walking down the aisle. By the time I got home, I imagined the couple had said their “I Do’s” and were off together taking pictures and having fun. One thing I never knew that by being in the room during the fruition of bride’s planning; it would someday prepare me to plan my own wedding.

April 4, 2009 has now become the first day of the rest of my life. My boyfriend Dan and I went for a walk to the Atrium Mall in Chestnut Hill. While he strolled into Borders, I visited MAC. About twenty minutes later I stumbled upon Dan in Borders and I couldn’t help but notice that he was a little surprised to see me. He quickly said, “Oh wait, I want to show you something.” I followed him to the next aisle, he got down on one knee with a book in his hand, and said; “I found the best story ever”. He lifted the book to reveal a little box, “the best story ever is about me and you, and will you spend the rest of your life with me?” I stood there for a minute in what I now know was shock, and uttered a single word “what?” Without warning we were both laughing as my answer was not what was expected. I had to have him ask me again, and I of course my answer was YES! Later on that night, I asked if he could just one more time say those four little words that I had waited my whole life to hear. Being such an incredible guy, he did… “Will You Marry Me?!?!


That night I didn’t sleep a wink, maybe all of three hours. Problem was I had to leave by 5am for a wedding in Worcester at 6am. I was so tired, but I think I did some of my best work that morning. I didn’t immediately announce I had gotten engaged the night before as I didn’t want to steal the thunder from Becky’s wedding day. I tried to keep it on the down low, but it was hard to hide the ring!

During the ride home that morning, my mind started racing, I began thinking about who I wanted as my wedding photographer. Even though I had worked with so many wonderful photographers and had seen so many beautiful wedding photos, I instantly knew right away who I wanted to capture my memories. It was then that the wedding planning began…

Stay tuned…more from Nancy soon!