Sponsored Post: Dressing your Body Type

Aimee Guthinger, Owner of Bedroom I’s Boutique joins us today to give us all {especially brides} some helpful tips on how to prepare ourselves with the right foundations!

We begin with the pear shaped gals, meaning your shaping needs are mainly in your hips, rear end and thighs. You can easily choose a pretty bra coupled with a shaping bottom because your mid-section is rarely a problem area for you. Many shaping bottoms now come with decorative, but subtle designs to appear pretty to the eye, but lay flat under clothing. One of our favorites at Bedroom I’s Boutique is the Vintage Lace collection from CJ Grenier. This collection offers a brief and a long leg white bottom that shapes the body with a light pink contrast lace appearance. This collection also includes nude and black color choices, both with white contrast detail.

For the apple shape girl, meaning that you hold most of your weight in the mid-section, you will likely want to utilize a one piece foundation or a long line bustier if your needs include a strapless top. And because you likely have less to worry about in the hip, rear end and thigh areas, you may easily couple a long line garment with a pretty bottom of your choice. Thongs and panties are both great styles, but we see many girls opting for the lace boy short style these days. The bottom you select will be entirely determined by your personal preference and the style that makes you feel your best. This 2-piece option will also offer the added bonus of convenience when visiting the ladies room.

Full Figured Ladies: If you have some extra smoothing needs in these bottom areas, as well as the middle, you can easily utilize a long leg bodysuit, body shaping slip or a hi-waist long leg smoother that will smooth from just under the bust to either the mid-thigh or the mid-shin in the Capri length. The key is to get the right size. If you wear these garments too small thinking they will make you appear thinner, they will likely roll and if worn too big for those who do not care for a tight fit, they are likely to slowly inch down on you throughout the day or evening.

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