Please be a Dear, Wrap in Clear

I recently received a bridal shower invitation that said, “Please be a dear, and wrap in clear.” To be honest, I had never seen that before and wondered why the heck they would want you to do that? So I did a little research on it and I thought I’d pass it on to anyone else who had never heard of doing that.

From what I’ve read, this is for a “display shower” where all of the gifts are set out for everyone to see. This comes in handy especially when a lot of people are invited to the shower and unwrapping each gift will take up a lot of time. The bride-to-be then has more time to enjoy her guests. I also read that it is a tradition in Italy, although I am Italian American and it was news to me. Maybe I’m a little old school, but aside from the food and eating, isn’t opening the gifts a major part of the shower? Maybe only showers I’ve been to.

What are your thoughts?