Places, Props & Photos!

Engagement photos are a fun way to become comfortable in front on the camera. Most importantly establish a relationship with your photographer. During this photo shoot your photographer learns all the little things that make you a great couple. The way in which you interact with each and feed off each others energy will make for great engagement photos and practice for the big day.

I enjoy spending time browsing my favorite wedding blogs and often come across the cutest photos of couples. The photos come our amazing and the surprising thing is that the couples are doing everyday things! So I gather a few of my favorites to share with all of you.

Who wouldn’t love a day in the sun with the one you love. Fill a basket of goodies and enjoy a picnic at a local park. Bring along a frisbee or football and add some fun action shots to your day.

Another great way to spend the day outdoors is to do what little kids have being enjoying for years…go fly a kite! Pick out a kite filled with bright colors {add a nice touch and get one to match your wedding colors} and go to a beach, a field, a local park or atop some grassy hills. Running and flying will bring smiles to your faces that will be captured on film for all to enjoy.
Grabbing a little snack like an ice cream cone reminds me of a perfect first date. These photos are so innocent, honest and totally captures how smitten they are for one another. 

A very popular prop used in engagement photos are balloons. I love this trend and find that it brings color and a certain sweetness to the photos. Isn’t the first one with the two pink balloons lovely *swoon*. This is also another great way to tie in your wedding colors!

Riding bikes is definitely one of my favorites. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon riding around your city or town hitting up all your favorite spots. It’s playful and super fun!

There are so many other great places or props for your engagement photos like:

~ Swings at a playground
~Walking your pet
~Mini Golf
~Canoe on a lake
~Umbrella in the rain
~Building a snowman
~Building a sand castle
~Walking around a music or art festival

Any others? Please share your ideas!

Wherever you go or whatever props you use be sure it something you like to do, something that excites you and leave the rest up to your photographer as he/she is sure to capture the great couple you are!

Happy Wedding Planning!!

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