Make Your Move Go Smooth

Now that you’re getting married, many of you will need to move from your separate places to a single place. Packing up the contents of an entire apartment or house is no easy task. You can wrap and box everything yourself, load up your cars and make multiple trips to your new place or you can hire a professional moving service to do the work for you. Whichever you choose, here are a few tips to make your move go smooth.

First, go through your stuff and whatever you haven’t used, worn, or are not crazy about, get rid of. Stock up on packing supplies well in advance so you’re not scrambling for empty boxes and tape when you’re ready to pack. Go room by room, and when you have time, pack things that you won’t use before you move first, label the box’s contents and in what room the box belongs. If you pack a little at a time, you won’t feel as overwhelmed as if you pack everything at once. Be sure to wrap breakables in paper or bubble wrap and don’t make your boxes too heavy or they’ll be difficult to carry up steps, etc.

This is just a short list of moving tips. Check out Mayflower’s website for a moving checklist and lots of great packing and wrapping tips.

Image from The Frisky