Fresh and Fruity Flowers

Flowers play an important role at weddings. They are used in centerpieces at the reception, to decorate the church and for bridesmaids’ bouquets. With a bounty of fresh produce available this time of year, why not incorporate fruits and veggies into your floral arrangements? Not only does produce add interesting and unexpected pops of color and texture to bouquets and arrangements, it is also a budget friendly alternative to buying dozens and dozens of fresh cut flowers. Here are some ideas for garden bouquets that feature fresh produce.

A tall glass vase is perfect for showing off citrus fruits. Add sliced or whole lemons, limes or oranges to the base of the vase and then fill with your favorite flowers. The fruit base helps to hold the flowers in place and by using yellow flowers like tulips with lemons or orange flowers like the daylily with oranges; you can create a dramatic monochromatic look.

Heads of lettuce with a large rose or daisy bloom nestled in the center also make a bold statement as the base for floral arrangements. Other veggies like artichokes, ornamental cabbage or even fresh herbs add interesting texture to arrangements as well.


Use your imagination to create fresh and fruity flower arrangements using strawberries, kiwi, mini pineapples, asparagus, you name it that will wow guests and keep your flower budget in check.

Make your own centerpieces with these instructions from Good Housekeeping.

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