Create a Photo Gallery Using Wedding Portraits

Looking to add some interest to a large wall in your new home? Why not create a mini-museum or photo gallery wall with your wedding portrait taking center stage? Many brides have lots of wedding photos taken and albums made, but never get around to framing one of those beautiful prints for display. Wedding portraits make great art you can enjoy over a lifetime.

To create a photo gallery wall, use the bridal portrait as the centerpiece, hang or paint the initial of your last name, add a shadowbox with photos and mementos from your honeymoon; maybe even include framed pictures from your parent’s wedding day. Years later, add photos of your children or pets to complete the wall. You can rotate the artwork too, so you always have something new to share with your visitors.

This type of personal artwork lends a warmth to your home that store bought artwork does not and over the years becomes a symbol of your lives together.

Image Courtesy of Modnest

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