Boudoir Photos Make a Great Gift for Your Groom

Looking for a special gift for the man in your life? How about a boudoir photograph? Boudoir photography used to be viewed negatively but with many photographers shooting these sensual and sexy images in a subtle, romantic and tasteful way, it has become a popular wedding or Valentine’s Day gift for grooms.

Boudoir photography, when done by a professional photographer, is like a work of art and stimulates emotions. The time prior to your wedding is filled with love and affection and a boudoir photo can capture these emotions and how you look and feel at this time.

Many photographers include hair and make-up services to bring out the super model in you. There are many styles to choose from like retro pin-up, sexy or nude and you can wear anything from your man’s favorite shirt, a faux fur wrap, to lingerie. With a variety of poses too like full body shots, close-ups of your face or legs, lying down, sitting up, indoors or out, you can let your glamorous self go!


Boudoir photographers are even scheduling stops at cities around the country for women who want to be photographed at places that are near and dear to them and their man. So if there’s not a boudoir photographer in your area, one may be stopping there soon.

One of our favorite Boston Photogs will be in the area for Boudoir photo shoots on these dates!

Image Credits:
Bride in Veil, Bride with WineBride in Mirror.