Unique Ring Shots

The ever popular wedding ring shots are a great way to show off your wedding bling in a unique and fun way. In my travels through the world of weddings I stumbled upon some incredible ring photos by some amazing photographers. The rings are photographed with some clever and vibrant backdrops.

Flowers and foliage are some of the most popular ways to shoot the wedding ring. I particularly love the one of the pink flower. The colors really pop and make the ring really shine!


These photos really take a different spin on the traditional ring photo. The placement and style are so clever and filled with personality. How cute is the close pin! 


Image Credits:
Rings on Leaves by Hollye Schumacher, Rings on Palm Leaf by Hollye Schumacher, Purple Flower Bouquet from Robert Goguen, Closepin by Nicole Koester, Rusty Bolt by Nicole Koester, Converse Sneaker by Nicole Koester, Pink Flower by Nicole Koester, Piano by Nicole Koester.