Signature Wedding Cocktails

Ahh…there’s nothing like a fabulous cocktail to celebrate a fabulous couple! More and more bride and grooms are incorporating a tasty signature beverage into their reception. It allows you to offer an alternative to beer and wine while avoiding the large expense of a full open bar. 

So with hundreds of different concoctions how do you chose one that compliments you?

 Images taken from Tastespotting.

Many couples use their wedding colors or theme as inspiration. If your having a fall wedding and your colors are chocolate brown you may want to consider the oh so popular chocolate martini. Shades of green try a apple martini, bright blues try a blue hawaiian or are you lovin’ yellow serve chilled lemon drops!

You could also use your location or atmosphere of your wedding. If your having a beach side wedding you way want to try a favorite like a sea breeze or Boston’s own cape coddah! If it’s an island destination wedding have your guest sip on some island flavors like rum punch or mai tai’s.

Maybe the couple has a fun story of where they met, got engaged or a unique secret about them that makes them an “us”. Use that to help inspire you to create or find a yummy mix that helps tell that story. You could use a signature liquor like Absolut Boston {black tea flavored} with a lemonade mix if your hometown is Boston.  Maybe you have a pet and his name is Bailey, a Bailey’s Rasberry Martini would be a hit!

Browse through an extensive list of cocktail recipes at The Bar. For a fun way to see what drink fits you the best check out the Drink Generator! See if you and your soon-to-be get match and get the same drink!