Guests not Cutting Back on Gifts

Even though we’ve been hearing so much about the recession, job layoffs, and cutting back on spending lately,, Conde Nast’s premier bridal destination, recently partnered with The Associated Press to poll American wedding guests on whether or not the recession is impacting how much they spend to join in “I do” festivities and despite the downturn in the economy, the survey found that cost is not a deterrent for Americans to attend weddings. This is good news for all you brides out there.


The survey found that generational differences play a part in gift giving with older guests feeling it is necessary to give a gift to the new couple.  Additionally, the survey found that cost is not a factor in accepting wedding invitations.  Other report findings are that people enjoy watching the wedding ceremony but many dislike group dances like the bunny hop, they’re not fond of the receiving line, and guests prefer a menu of chicken and wine over caviar and champagne.

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