A Moment Captured on Film

There are moments that simply take your breath away. Words escape you and your overcome with a feeling you will remember always. There may be no rhyme or reason as to why that particular moment grabs you, but when it does it like no other feeling in the world. You can imagine that a wedding day is filled with these moments. The proud parents, the nervous groom and the anxious bride to be, all experience a wave of emotion and are often left with a moment that takes their breath away.

Photo taken by Charlotte Geary

Here are some particular moments throughout a wedding where I would imagine emotions run high:

-Slipping into the wedding dress for the first time.
-When the bride grabs her Dad’s arm as they head towwards the aisle.
-The music keys and begins to play…here comes the bride…
-Looking down the aisle, right into the eyes of the man you love.
-A mother helping her little girl get ready…

Photo taken by Charlotte Geary

The cheer from friends and family after you exchange I Do’s…

Photo taken by Charlotte Geary

The hug from a proud father to his newly married young man…

Photo taken by Charlotte Geary

Hearing the words “You look beautiful” from the first man you ever loved…

Photo taken by Charlotte Geary

A quiet kiss from your husband, a moment where only you and him exist…

Photo taken by Charlotte Geary

A dance with daddy in your white wedding dress…

Photo taken by Charlotte Geary

Share your experiences or thoughts on what  moments will capture your heart and take your breath away?