Honor Each Other & the Earth

Looking for a special way to remember your wedding day?  Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, the Caribbean’s Top Luxury Hotel according to TripAdvisor, gives newlyweds the new opportunity to enhance the environment and commemorate their union by planting a Nevis coconut palm on the grounds following their ceremony at Nisbet.   Then, for years to come, whenever the couple returns to Nevis, they can see how their palm grows with them.


I think this is such a great idea but if you’re not planning on getting married at the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, you can still honor the earth as part of your wedding day celebration wherever you live or get married.  If you’re taking bridal party photos in a local park or outside your place of worship, perhaps you can arrange for a tree planting there.  Maybe you can have a tree planted outside the country club, local fire hall, or catering hall during the reception in memory of your special day. Or, if you’ve already purchased a home, it would be nice to plant a tree in the backyard as close to your wedding day as possible as a daily reminder of your growing love and commitment to each other.

A wedding day tree planting ceremony is one way to show your dedication to each other and the environment that you’ll continue to enjoy year after year.