Healthy Honeymoons

If you read Deb’s blog a few weeks back about Packing for your Honeymoon, then you
should have your honeymoon checklist all checked off.  I’m gonna give you another thing to add to the list – vaccines.

Some of the world’s best honeymoon destinations include some exotic places like Tahiti, Bali, South Africa and Mexico.  Did you know that it’s wise to be vaccinated for certain diseases before traveling overseas?  You should really check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website,, to get the latest information and list of vaccinations needed for your honeymoon destination.  Some vaccines may require a series of several shots or a certain period of time to work, so once you book your trip, it’s a good idea to check on what shots you may need so you can plan accordingly. 


With the current boom in the exotic travel/adventure travel industries, there are travel health & immunization clinics popping up nationwide that can get you the shots you need.  You’ve spent so much time and money planning for the perfect dream honeymoon; don’t let illness turn it into a nightmare.

To find a travel clinic near you, use The Travel Clinic Locator, located at